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Kai Hibbard from the TV show The Biggest Loser, Runner-up!
Anchorage Alaska

Kai Hibbard from the Biggest LooserJesper Andersen was my personal trainer during my at home time on The Biggest Loser. When the crash dieting weight loss techniques started to take their toll on my mind and body, Jesper stepped in as my personal trainer. The scale had stopped moving, I was overtraining and not eating correctly. Within a spam of two months Jesper improved my health, got the scale to move again, made me stronger, and improved my fitness level significantly.

Without Jespers training I never would have been able to lose the 118 pounds I lost to help me come in 2nd place on NBC. More importantly, without his training and skillful advice I would have been unable to keep the 118 pounds off after 5 years like I have. Jesper is truly the best trainer I have ever trained with, and I have had the opportunity to train with world-renowned trainers. * Results may vary.

William Gonzalez Physicians Assistant:  
Naples Florida

Jesper stands out as someone who has a profound understanding and passion for helping his clients overcome many of the injuries commonly found here in Naples Florida.  Jesper is one of the best personal trainers I have had the pleasure of working with.  Working in conjunction with physical therapists and other medical professionals, he has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and continued strength building in some very difficult situations such as spinal cord injuries, hip and knee surgery, severe arthritis, and osteoporosis.  * Results may vary.

Patti Correa
Newport News Virginia

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease. Prior to being diagnosed I was a fit, healthy and strong woman. As the years passed my weight rapidly increased, I became sickly and totally exhausted. I felt so powerless and never thought I or anyone else could help me get back in shape. Then I found Jesper, my trainer.  My life was about to change significantly. His words to me were that change does not happen overnight. I must be committed and willing to work hard, accept my accomplishments no matter how big or small.
We all face daily challenges in life and the same applies to fitness. Sure, I experienced times of discouragement and lack of patience with my progress but didn’t stay there long. Jesper reminded me all the time that “we achieve our goals in spite of the obstacles we face not because it’s easy”. The key to my progress has been the accountability to me and my trainer. My workouts became not just physical but emotional too working together to push me beyond my limits walking away knowing I can do this.
The time has come for me to step out on my own. Jesper has helped me transform my fitness life by providing me with unlimited tools to be healthy inside and out. My food choices are healthier and certain foods have been removed that affect my thyroid.
I don’t know where I would be right now if I had not found Jesper. His expertise and awareness to my fitness goals was incredible. He believed in me and I just needed to believe in myself. My journey does not end here and there is no “after picture”. There will always be an “in progress” image motivating me to live healthy and be successful. So far I have lost 33 lbs and 5 clothe sizes. I am stronger, leaner and more confident in accomplishing my fitness goals.
Thank you for everything Jesper. You are an amazing personal trainer. I will never forget how you have changed my life through accountability, motivation and those “kick-butt” workouts. You never allowed me to give up. Because of that I no longer fear “fitness challenges” but stand in front of them with perseverance and will not beat myself up if I have a bad day. * Results may vary.

Edward Krohn
Auditor at US Army Audit Agency
Newport News Virginia

I sought a personal trainer in 2011 after I graduated college in order to maintain physical fitness standards for the Army.  I met Jesper through 24/7 Fitness in June 2011.  His professionalism, extensive knowledge of proper technique, and nutrition allowed me to meet all of my fitness goals, as well as exceed them.  I highly recommend him in the capacity of a personal trainer.  He did not treat me as a paycheck, and showed that he was willing to motivate and inspire me to reach established goals. I not only consider him a great trainer, but a friend as we worked together for the last 3 years.  I have not found anyone since he has moved that is as qualified or personable.  Jesper Andersen is simply the best at what he does. * Results may vary.

Mike VonPlinsky
Executive Director & Board Chair Florida Helps Foundation and Owner, BIZolutions Consulting
Naples Florida

Jesper is a highly talented fitness trainer with great interpersonal skills. He quickly evaluates the specific needs of his clients and builds a tailored fitness plan to meet these needs.  His great personality and commanding presence makes him fun and great to work with. I highly recommend using him for any of your fitness needs. * Results may vary.
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